Breakfast Cereal and Snack Food Machinery

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We are the UK Agent for CEREX.  They are a Swiss based company who specialise in cereal puffing systems, rotary cookers and high brix coating systems.

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Puffing Systems

CEREX offer a new, more cost efficient puffing system.  Within the cereal market there is a growing interest in puffing systems.  CEREX machines make the process quiet, clean and very cost effective.  They offer a yield of 95% which is significantly more than the more traditional method of puffing.  They currently offer the following machines:

1. Junior puffing machine 200kg/hr
2. Single puffing machine 350kg/hr
3. Double puffing machine 700kg/hr
4. Quattro puffing machine 1,400kg/hr

Please get in touch with us for more information about the bespoke service that can be offered.

Rotary Cookers

CEREX rotary cookers were developed for cooked cereals and work with flour cereal mixes.  The rotary cookers are designed for direct steam to be injected into the cooked product which improves the result and the productivity.  The process works with less added water and energy.  There are a number of different options so please get in touch.

High Brix Coating System

The system is designed to sugar-coat cereals giving a low-hygroscopic glossy grain without needing any additional processing aides.

Please get in touch for more information about any of these products.

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