Extruder Parts Refurbishment Service

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In the current climate we know how important it is for our customers to be working as cost efficiently as they can be so we offer a refurbishment service of parts. This service can be applied to screws and to liners/barrels. It can only be offered if the part is not fully worn and is based on the customer supplying us with the part to be refurbished.

Within the process the worn area of the part will be rebuilt using hard faced welding rods and then machined back to the correct dimensions. Sometimes a refurbished part will actually last longer than a standard material new part – this is because the weld has a better wear quality.

This service is often not utilised by customers who believe the only option is to buy brand new parts each time. However, we can offer this service to any extruder manufacturer. Not all parts can be refurbished so please get in contact so we can advise whether the part is suitable for refurbishment or not.