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This web hosting service should work okay for small websites and for developers with experience. If you are a beginner to the world of website development and maintenance, or if your business can’t afford short downtime episodes, then these guys might not be the service for you.


This host has seen a downward slide in recent years. They used to have a good reputation because of their advanced control panel, lack of downtime and great service. Even though users still enjoy using their existing control panel, the uptime issue is still a problem and it is reported that their customer support is impersonal and slow. This service could still be alright for experienced users who knows the ins and outs of website problem solving; but as a new user starting out, you may not want to start the job without solid backup and support.


To their credit Hostgator does offer a 97-day money back guarantee, whereas most other services have only a 30-day refund policy. Hostgator Coupons also help you get some discount on hosting. This should give you time enough to get set up and sort things out before committing yourself totally to a service agreement. Then after the “trial period”, if you decide that this service is not for you, then you can just terminate. On the positive side, you will have your site all set up and working if you decide to stay.


As part of the deal you get 50GB of free backup space. Hostgator allows unlimited FTP accounts, including anonymous FTP with support for .htaccess. They also don’t have any limits on disk storage space or monthly bandwidth.

However, their user agreement license is quite stringent and prohibits you from allowing visitors access to your server resources or from downloading any copyrighted material. Another thing this web-hosting provider says in its terms and conditions is that they could ask you to pay for a dedicated server if your site becomes too unmanageable and heavy. What this means is that if your site causes problems for other users on the server, then they may take action.


Unfortunately the technical support element is sadly lacking, and they don’t even give a telephone number. Also, “live chat” may not be enough if you are in a tight spot. This is because they have a history of intermittent downtime. Users with smallish websites might not have to worry about short downtimes as it usually only lasts for a few minutes. But for larger sites that have massive traffic loads, even a short downtime will mean a fair bit of income lost. The Hostgator blog has status updates, if your website goes down, you can find reports and get an estimate of when they estimate that they will go back up. This blog also has notifications of specials discounts, so bookmarking it is a good idea.


Even though the telephone support line is nonexistent, their knowledgebase and FAQs are pretty good and should answer most of your (or your users’) questions. The forum is another resource where other users can help each other with problems and solutions. This can be helpful but unfortunately is not a substitute for a one-to-one with a qualified, knowledgeable tech support person.

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