Brand New Twin Screw Extruder

Sep 15, 2020

We are pleased to introduce a sneaky quick look at the brand new twin screw extruder that we have just sold to the Far Eastern market.

The extruder is supplied with a DDC style preconditioner, screw feed, live bin and German gear box.  In this case the customer is supplying their own control panel but this is something we can assist with.  This machine has a screw diameter of 132mm and shaft centres of 105mm.  The client specified an overall screw length of 2.25m (17:1 L/D).  However, we are able to manufacture twin screw extruders to suit your overall requirements in terms of size and capacity.

The machine has a unique design which would allow for the engineers to quickly change the entire barrel section by replacing it with a second frame already assembled.  Although this comes at an additional cost this is quickly offset by the reduced downtime of the machine during maintenance.

The machine has been assembled in the UK and we will have more information and details about it in the coming weeks.

If you need any other information please contact us at [email protected]