Not just Wenger & Clextral!

Sep 15, 2020

Recently the majority of the parts we are supplying have been for Wenger single screw and Clextral twin screw so we thought it was a good time to remind everyone that we can offer much more than this.

In addition to the Wenger and Clextral brands we manufacture parts for Andritx Sprout Matador, Buhler, W&P and APV Baker and have done for many years.  We can make screws, shearlocks,  barrels, shafts, liners, die plates, dies, couplings, knife holders and the blades that fit in them.  Our aim is to be able to provide a service supplying all the wearable parts on your extruder.

If your extruder brand is not named here, then still get in touch.  If you are able to provide us with some of the used parts to enable us to measure them we should be able to give you some prices.