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Twin Screw Extruders

Food Extruder Spares Ltd are pleased to announce that we have entered the new extruder marker. Working with local suppliers we have been able to use our vast knowledge and experience to manufacture and supply brand new twin screw extruders.

The extruder market is competitive, and the market has often been limited to the larger manufacturers. We have worked with these machines for 50 years and have used this information to design a twin screw extruder which is efficient and cost effective. The extruder enables its end users to purchase the wear parts from ourselves or other twin screw manufacturers.

We can supply a variety of sizes but recently we manufactured a machine with a screw diameter of 132mm and shaft centres of 105mm. The screw length was 2.25m. Included in the sale was a DDC style pre-conditioner, screw feed and live bin. The machine is supplied with a German gear box. Please view a video of the machine below.

These machines can be used in the manufacture of cereal, petfood, fish food and many other applications. We can advise on the layout of the machines to suit your product and manufacturing requirements. Different materials can also be used to extend the length of time the parts can be used for before replacement.

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Single Screw Extruders

Food Extruder Spares Ltd partner with Triumph Engineering who are based in Thailand. They have many years’ experience of manufacturing single screw extruders and ancillary equipment which are supplied throughout the world. The machines are versatile and can be used with wear parts purchased from other well-known single screw extruder manufacturers.

We offer a flexible service, and the machines can be designed to suit our customers individual requirements including the materials we use, the layout and the equipment required. We will work with you personally to ensure you have the machine you need to meet your needs.

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Used Equipments


Over the years we have sourced and refurbished extruders for our customers. The photos show a Wenger TX-144 twin screw extruder that we refurbished. Using the frame of the extruder we can manufacture all the wear parts and use trusted, experienced suppliers for additional equipment such as gear boxes, pre-conditioners, motors and control panels if needed.

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