Watch this space!

Jun 11, 2020

As a company heavily involved within the food production industry, we receive many requests from companies who are looking for extruder machines but do not want the expense of buying from the more well-known extruder brands. We have done many refurbishment projects over the years where customers buy used equipment and we supply them with the necessary new parts and also make the machine look like new.

However, we have not ventured into the manufacture and supply of brand new machines – until now!

Working with trusted suppliers can now enable us to provide this service. We are currently working on a brand new twin screw extruder which will be completed in August 2020. Also available are single screw options. The beauty of these machines is that the wear parts can be interchangeable
with parts from the original manufacturer.

If you are looking for a solution for your brand new extruder equipment and you cannot find a used machine that is suitable or you would like to consider an alternative to larger extruder manufacturers please get in touch.

More details on our twin screw project will be available soon!